Pastor Barry Fero

Pastor Barry came to GBC in December of 1997 with his wife Shirley and their two children. Graduates of Liberty University, Barry and Shirley have been in the ministry for over twenty years. They met on a ministry team for King's Players International. Since that time God has blessed them with many opportunities to use their talents and gifts in many different capacities as they have always been open to the Lord's guidance wherever that might lead.

Once a chaplain for the Los Angeles Mission, Barry has never lost his zeal to see the needs of people met and the gospel of Jesus Christ preached. Having been a Youth pastor, College pastor, Interim pastor, Junior High teacher, college professor, and church planter, he has always exhibited a genuine care for the individual regardless of their age or place in life. Strong Biblical teaching and passion for the people of our community are the cornerstones of Pastor Barry s ministry. Listening to people where they are in life and giving them hope from the pages of God's word has been and will continue to be the key to the success of his ministry.

In 1992, Barry and Shirley started the Open Door Baptist Church in the old Fountain Valley Elementary school. Five years later they came to Grace Baptist Church as they merged Open Door Baptist Church with Grace Baptist Church, bringing the two congregations together to form one effective body for the cause of Christ.

Through vision, compassion, and God's mighty power to perform what He promises, Pastor Fero has led the congregation until this present time.

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